Decoding Common Myths and Facts about Cholesterol

By: | 2017-01-09

Good cholesterol is very important for our survival and is a requirement by our body. It helps in production of hormones, vitamins and also an integral role in digesting food.

Fiction – It is easy to understand the level of your cholesterol through simple tests. The total cholesterol level can be calculated with identification of good and bad cholesterol. It is recommended that anyone above the age of 20 must take a cholesterol test to find out the level because anyone of any age can have high cholesterol value. Taking health check up at Delhi/NCR helps in finding cholesterol content.

Fiction – Lower cholesterol content means lower fat content in the food product. Most of tend to believe the idea that low cholesterol relates to low fat. While we may consume food low in cholesterol but it necessarily does not need to be low fat. To avoid the risk of coronary disease, get your cholesterol check done by contacting As an authorised phlebotomist, they collect samples and provide the reported by tests are conducted by NABL certified labs. You can call 9871612612 or visit

FictionFiction – So, here are some of the facts and fiction related to cholesterol. It is however important to get your level of cholesterol check and stay fit by adopting right habits.