Stay Away From Serious Disease with Regular Health Checkups

By: | 2017-10-30

You can have a heart attack & not even understand it. A silent heart attack, recognized as a silent myocardial infarction (SMI), accounts for 45% of heart attacks & strike men more than women. Having a silent heart attack puts you at a serious risk of having one more heart attack, which could be deadly. Having one more heart attack also increases your risk, such as heart failure.

A number of the non-classic symptoms include deep fatigue, shortness of breath &/or discomfort in the throat, neck, jaw or a single edge. Other people will experience what feels like heartburn, & they will just take medication to relieve the heartburn in its place of recognizing that the pain could be coming from their heart. If you wonder if you've had a silent heart attack, talk to your physician. An analysis of your symptoms, health record and a physical exam can help your doctor make a decision if more tests are essential. There are many ways to stay fit and stay away of these kinds, deadly diseases you should go for regular Sample Collector (Phlebotomist) & Report services available in your locality like with the help of these services you can find best body checkups diagnosis services.

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