Healthcare during Summer season!

By: | 2017-06-06

A Must for Healthy Living

Summer season has bloomed with all its might and the scorching Sun is all set to make our days sunnier! More opportunities to go out and enjoy life! But the season also brings along skin issues, hair problems, and of course, heat boils. Our energy levels take a toll and eventually our health suffers here and there. Most common sufferers are kids and old age group people. However, one can avoid the hassles of summer season by following a few healthcare tips which can lend you a helping hand in enjoying the season freely.

Let's have a detailed look at some important healthcare tips for summer season:

Water, water, and water and all your summer worries go down a drain. Water is the easiest and most affordable way to keep your body hydrated. Its always advisable to double your water intake during summers. In fact, as per health experts, one should drink atleast 8-10 glasses of water. But when we say that hydrate your body with water, we do not mean use aerated drinks. Soft drinks or aerated drinks contain a high level of sugar which can harm your body to a great extent. However, one can add a pinch of salt to water in order to make up for the salt loss during summers.

Biggest advantage of the Summer season is the highest number of fresh and juicy fruits which we can enjoy. Watermelons, mangoes, muskmelon, pineapple are some of the luxuries. Keeping them by your side and enjoying them from time to time during the day can keep your health worries at a distance. Make fruit salads, fruit creams, juices, and nourish your body in a scrumptious way! Fruits contain sufficient minerals and water content to keep your body hydrated. A must for healthcare during sumeers season.

Our mother nature has lots of gifts in its baskets. One such gift is leafy vegetables which can make your body strong enough to tackle the heatstroke and other summer health issues. Include some amount of protein as well in your diet for example, Soy, Cottage Cheese, Sprouted Beans, etc. Health experts always include leafy vegetables in their list of To Dos' as a medium of healthcare during summer.

This is a fact that our body loses vital nutrients during peak summers. Thus, it is always necessary to include nutrient supplements in our diet to tackle this loss. One can visit one's doctor to take advise on what supplements to take. Moreover, Vitamin B complex and Vitamin C are known to work as anti oxidants to work as a shield for our body.

Sunburns are a common sight during summers. Long exposure to UV radiation coming from Sun can damage your skin tissues which in turn causes sunburns. However, UV radiation is also known to cause skin cancer. To prevent sunburns, try to keep indoors between 10 A.M. To 2 P.M. As these radiations are the strongest during this hour. Sunscreens and sunblocks are most useful in preventing sunburns.

Moreover, apart from these health care tips for summer season, if you feel any kind of discomfort, please visit call & book a health check-up in Delhi/NCR with free Sample Collection at home. Our body is known to give us signs of bad health but we tend to ignore them mostly. But, to stay safe, especially during summer season, always visit your doctor for regular check ups. Enjoy your Summers!