Calcium Deficiency in Children

By: Quia veniam | 1983-08-20

Calcium deficiency in children

Everyone knows that for calcium is essential for strong bones and teeth. What some may not know is that calcium is important for our heart, nerves and muscles too.

The first twenty years of life is primarily the developmental years. The amount of calcium requirement differs according to the age group of children.

Babies 6 to 11 months old need 260 mg of calcium a day.

Kids 4 to 8 years old need 1,000 mg of calcium a day calcium active intake.

Delayed teeth formation in babies, muscle cramps, insomnia, brittle nails, tooth decay, frequent fractures, poor bone density, delayed puberty in teens, etc. are some of the early signs of calcium deficiency. When these alarming symptoms arise, consult your paediatricians immediately.

Peak bone mass is accumulated during childhood stage. Loss of calcium during the tender age leads to long-term poor bone health in later stages of life called Osteoporosis.

Poor Intestinal Health – Low calcium damages the nervous system that causes memory loss CALCIUM RICH FOOD

calcium-set tofu

beans like soybeans, white beans, red beans and chick peas

Nuts like almonds

Have you ever realized that our entire body structure is erected on calcium, i.e., skeletal system? Thus, calcium helps to maintain healthy teeth and bones and ensures proper functioning of our nerves and cells. Visit for health check up.