Check your Cholesterol for a Healthy Living

By: | 2017-09-30

Unhealthy cholesterol levels have never done anybody any good. It leads to cardiovascular diseases as well as blood pressure problems. Lower your bad cholesterol with infusing the good habits in your routine. Some of the ways by which you can keep a check on your cholesterol levels keep it low are listed here. Have a read.

  1. Know your cholesterol level: First and foremost, get your health check up done and know about the level of cholesterol in your body. That’ll help you take necessary decisions and changes for a better health. Health check-up at Delhi/NCR hospitals would be a good way to start with. You can call at 9871612612 or log on to their website
  2. Reduce fat intake: Know the sources that can add up unnecessary fat to your body. Having several helpings of cakes and pies isn’t a good idea if you want lower cholesterol levels in your body.
  3. Fiber up your body: Beans, oats, barley, fruits and vegetables add up to a good diet of fibrous foods for a healthy cholesterol level. These foods are rich in soluble fiber that does not make you feel heavy and also keep you healthy and fit.
  4. Reduce alcohol and smoking: All that cholesterol, when combined with toxicities, is deadly combination. Reduce your alcohol intake and stop smoking completely if you want to live a healthy and happy life.
  5. Lifestyle changes: Your daily routine will help determine your whole body fitness. Starting your day right, with some yoga or meditation or even light exercise and having proper breakfast, planning the right meals for rest of the day will keep you healthy.